How I Lost Weight

How i lost weight fast was quite simple, and so easy, anyone could do it. Read on and give it a go, you will feel great in the end.

Firstly, i tried the gym for eight months, i did improve my muscles a little but not that belly fat, so, i decided to get my bike out.

So, every morning i would set out on my bike, i would cycle for about 10 or 15 minutes, then walk for about the same, and then cycle home for around another 10 minutes.

I kept this up for just over a month, and in this time, i also felt guilty about the size of my food portions, really, i was thinking, i have been out this morning losing a few calories and if i over eat, i am just wasting my time, im insulting my efforts.

Don’t get me wrong, i was still eating enough, just not over eating, such as when my wife finished her dinner, i would always finish it off, not any more, i was just being sensible.

Anyway, after about 4 or 5 weeks, i actually did notice me belly was reducing in size, i was feeling fitter and i had lost quite a few pounds.

So here it is, a simple, cheap, easy and enjoyable way to lose weight fast, reduce your belly size, feel fitter and healthier and what was really great about all this, i felt quite wonderful in myself, the fact that i had found a way to get what i wanted, and the sense of achievement was the biggest reward.

Go for it!

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